Stadium Goes Product Placement With XCAP

One of our retail clients have just upgraded to the latest version of XCAP and moved it from an external domain to their main site -; and converted former campaign site Jointhemovement to a full fledged in house magazine called Sportsblog.

They are also the first client to run the new product placement module that we have built into XCAP and this is very exiting news for both retailers and media houses. For stadium this means that they can relate relevant products to articles (created by users, partners or employees). 

This release also includes a new notification API that can be connected to any XCAP module, for example if you comment on a blog the editor will be notified and vice versa if someone comments on your comment. Notifications can be sent to just about anything - but in this case as a notification mail. 
We asked David Bothzén, Social Media Manager on Stadium - about the project and Stadium’s future plans:
Hi! Congratulation to the new release on - it looks really nice! It seems like you are integrating XCAP with your e-com platform more and more?
Hi, thank you. Yes we are moving towards integrating XCAP more with our e-commerce platform and has just recently moved it into a sub domain on The reason for doing so is to keep our visitor in one place instead of sending people between different domains. We have used our existing header including the product search in order to get the feeling that you are still on stadium’s website. We also wanted it to be easy for the visitors to navigate between our text articles and our products on
With this release you get support for integrating your products into XCAP content and you are the first to do this - what are your thoughts on this?
For us products are always in focus and that is why we wanted to integrate relevant products directly to our text articles. For all our text articles we automatically (or manually) select two matching products. When you read an article and get inspired to become more active yourself, the products you need should only be one click away.
Do you have any exciting future plans to announce? What can your customers expect from during this year?
Yes, we have extensive plans for future development and improvement of our websites. Integrating our XCAP solution for text articles and inspiration more throughout the website,, is just one thing on the agenda.